2020/08/25 at 9:57 pm

Being me makes me happy. Happiness is my natural state of being. Love makes me happy. I am one with God when I am filled with love.

My body is a temple, a divine gift to be nurtured, a vehicle for beautiful life experiences. To love life is to take good care of the body and to be mindful of our lives every step of the way. I live a healthy life to fulfill my purpose to be the best of myself for myself and others.

I enjoy adventures in the world. My true adventure in life is the journey to be myself. My quest is to learn. It is a journey within me, into the world, and in a relation to what is beyond. It is spiritual and practical at the same time. Learning is who I am. My journey of self-discovery leads me to venture towards the unknown.

I am growing, and as I grow, I help others grow. I share my journey and what I learn along the way. I appreciate others. I share my joy and happiness with others. Sharing my happiness makes me happy. Listening to the sharing of others’ life journey and struggles is an honor that I cherish.

I give love to live a life of love; this is my vision for humanity.

God brings special people into my life. They are gifts to me as I am to them. My loved ones are the other pieces in my life’s puzzle. My family is important to me. Good friends make me a better person. Belonging to a community gives me roots. Spending time to grow together makes this world a better place.

I live a life of purpose. By being fully who I am, I help others be fully who they are. We complement each other in a special way. We fulfill each other’s destiny. Living a life of love fully makes the world a better place.

Our love is a testament to God’s grace and glorious embrace. Our children are a testament of our love. Being a parent is a the greatest honor and the most important task in our lives. Being a parent teaches me to be the best person I can be and what it fully means to love. I am taking part in the continuous process of creation.

My true wealth is within me – it is my love, my love for humanity and my faith in every person, every moment, every part of the earth, the great beyond. I am here to share my love and the world appreciates me for it. Helping people feel true joy is my greatest joy. Our sharing creates a flow of wealth for all to enjoy.

I am living a life of ultimate abundance. Life gives me everything I could ever want – simple and present: the people I love, the beauty of the earth, the life we cherish together.

I do what I love which I do best. I help others and touch them by being me. I convey my love and the goodness of life through my work.

I am here to live my life in fullness.

I am creating myself in faithfulness to the ultimate mystery beyond my imagination. I am mindful to live a life of balance, mastery, and beauty in an evolving time and space as a part of life on earth.

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