Book: “Self-love: Discover the treasure within you”

This book started with a lunch with my dear friend dr. Sonia Wibisono, and her friend Cindy, who is a meditation expert. Along the way we met Julie, a writer and personal branding coach. Sonia then invited drg. Annisa, a media personality, and Ms Vriti, an early childhood specialist, to join us. The book shares our journeys to discover ourselves. We share different stories – of bullying, of losing their parents to death or divorce, of being overworked and neglecting one’s selves, and of finding how self-love is a responsibility, especially for parents – just like we have to put on our own oxygen mask before we can help anyone else on the airplane, even our children. The book highlights the importance of caring for our own wellbeing, especially as women are often cast in the role of caring for others first. The book also provides exercises for readers to find their own path to self-love.

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“Self-love reminds us that we exist because of love. Love exists in our very depths. Sometimes we need to be reminded to re-ignite it. We need to learn to dig, to unearth the hidden wellspring of love. We are invited to practice caring for ourselves, loving the person we see in the mirror – is she unwell, tired, needing attention? How can we love her every day, so she can grow to be more loving?”


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